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The aim of this website is to give an example of a party shop theme. If you have a party shop and would like a website, this may be of interest, with maybe a more pictorial presentation of the products on offer, or you may want something completely different! Either way, contacting me is free, with no obligation, and is likely to result in the website look you want, much easier and cheaper than you may think.

The balloon pictures are a mixture of photos of balloons, the objects they depict or illustrations. The football image is courtesy of www.dreamstime.com (the balloon looks very like this). 'Tigger' is not for sale, he just helped with the site.

You can see more website examples on  www.kwservices.co.uk  the Kelvin Warne Services website.

We hope you find this site useful. We've aimed to be as accurate as possible, but are unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this information.

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