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A vast and wonderful range of balloons: latex or stretchy plastic or foil or ..., inflated or uninflated, helium or air filled, diameters 5 inches to 8 feet (7.5cm to 2.4m), glossy or plain or patterns or faces or animals or ..., messages or create your own messages, in the shape of a ship or a playing card or a cadillac or ..., plus a range of weights and ribbons.

Party banners, badges, themed plates, cups, table cloths, serviettes, party bag novelties, .. and more.

Whether your theme is feminine or macho, frivolous or sophisticated. Whatever the age range. Large or small quantities.

A very friendly, helpful and good value service aimed at getting you everything you need to make your occasion look really special.

Just give us a ring or email for details and prices.

Your purchases can be sent by post or can be collected from Henley-on-Thames.

Payment can be cash, cheque, debit or credit card (via PayPal).

Contact (for website services): Tel: 07925 660 603, email: kelvin@kwservices.co.uk