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Main Building



Welcome to Example Infant School


Example Infant School welcomes all children from the neighbourhood and seeks to provide them with the very best start in their education. Ours is a 'family' in which children are valued and respected and learn to value and respect others.

Example Infant School is a ...... School for boys and girls aged 4 - 7 years.

Please see the note about this website at the foot of the page.

Healthy School Award

Play Area

Main Building from Play Area

Information on Admissions arrangements can be found on the Information page

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This website has been adapted from one created for and successfully used by an Infant School. The information and wording in this site are by the previous head and staff of that school and the design and appearance in line with their requirements.
This is no longer the current website for that school and the wording is now purely illustrative for this example.