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Class 2
Years 1 and 2




We spotted lots of different birds in our school grounds on Big Schools’ Birdwatch Day.




Making bird cakes was messy but fun!



Our bird snappers turned out well.



During the winter months we visit ..... School every week to do our gymnastics.





In 2012 our school was 150 years old. Here are some of the ways we celebrated.



We all dressed as Victorians and went to Victorian School. We made some beeswax candles.





We looked at some Victorian artefacts and tried to work out what they were used for.






Playing with the Victorian games was a lot of fun.






The Bishop came to bless and re-dedicate our school.



Burgers made us a delicious celebration cake.



Christmas Shoeboxes



We like to help other people and every year we bring little gifts to school to send to families in Romania.




Harvest Festival




We all help to make some loaves of bread for our Harvest Festival in the church. We enjoy tasting the bread when we get back to school.




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