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About Example Infant School

Example Infant School is mainly housed in a traditional, but improved and extended, Victorian building within the picturesque hamlet of .....

The School's semi-rural location and attractive surroundings help to foster that special 'village school' atmosphere. We believe this is important in developing both the children's feelings of belonging and encouraging their parents and carers to actively share in their development.

We have two classes of mixed ages. We are a small school and therefore have two age groups within each class. The Reception and younger Year 1 are taught in the main school building and the older Year 1 and Year 2 children occupy the terrapin classroom. Teaching assistants are employed by the school to support the individual needs of children across both classes.

More detailed information in the prospectus and a map showing the catchment area can both be accessed from this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; visit the Contact Us page for our phone number and how to find the school.

Some of our activities:

Harvest Festival at the Church     Nativity Play     Christmas Entertainment     Big Schools Bird Watch     Easter Service at the Church     Sports Day     School trip     Sports Training (external instructors)     Walk to School     Bread making for Harvest Festival     PE at .... School     Visiting Theatre Groups     Events at .... School     Praise in the Park     Outside Teaching areas     Talk Team

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